Internet of Things revolution in healthcare IT

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Internet of Things revolution in healthcare IT

IoT revolution in healthcare IT

IoT devices will become even greater targets of opportunity. They are attractive targets because they are always connected, pervasively installed in environments with people and valuable assets and poorly managed. ” – Benjamin Jun

There are many predictions about how the IoT is revolutionizing healthcare by lowering costs and improving quality. Today, wireless sensor-based systems are at work which gathers patient medical data that was not available for analysis. Here are some examples of how IoT is changing healthcare:

Clinical Care:

The patients who require close attention due to physiological status can be monitored by noninvasive monitoring. This type of solution uses sensors to gather physiological information and employs cloud and gateways to analyze and store the information. This data is sent to caregivers for analysis and review. All this replaces the process of having health professional coming at regular intervals of time to check the patient’s vital signs.

Remote monitoring:

Nowadays, powerful wireless solutions, which are connected through IoT, are making possible to monitor the health of patients. This solution is used to securely capture patient health data from various sensors, apply sophisticated algorithms to analyze the data, which is then shared via wireless connectivity with medical professionals.

Early Preventions:

Healthy people can benefit from IoT driven monitoring of their well-being. At the patient level, IoT-enabled wearables which allow doctors to capture health details that would be otherwise unknown.

These are just few examples of IoT-based healthcare, and many more are still emerging. IoT devices are improving the treatment in hospitals, particularly in emergency situations. Thus, Internet of Things play a crucial role in wide range of healthcare applications from managing chronic diseases to preventing diseases.

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