Blood Relations App launched by AITC

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Blood Relations App launched by AITC

Alleviate IT consultancy, IoT service provider, announced the release of their Android mobile app named as Blood Relations. The company, which prides itself on providing IoT services to various customers, has now come up with this unique and innovative idea. This app is available for free on Google Play store and is compatible with Android 4.1 and up.

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Blood Relations App launched by AITC

Sometimes there is medical emergency and getting matching blood group can be difficult. Blood Relations app is to minimize this difficulty. One can get donors easily in that particular area“, said Rajesh (J) Kumar, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Alleviate IT Consultancy.

Why Identity Access and Management is required in Information Security

Why Identity Access and Management is required in Information Security?

Nowadays, companies are securing users who are accessing applications from various places through variety of devices, and all this is pressurizing IAM i.e., identity and access management systems. Additionally, consumers expect easy authentication and access to all accounts and information. Moreover, identity infrastructure faces traditional challenge of various links to multiple targets and sources. All this creates an unmanageable “n-squared” problem.

N-squared problem is reason of rapid adoption of federation standards including Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OpenID connect and OAuth. These technologies include things such as next-generation firewalls, applications monitoring systems and sandboxing systems that permit any malicious code to be executed and all that without harming corporate environment.

One of the other main reasons behind IAM as top security initiative is that it enables right individuals to access right information and resources at right time and reason as well. It ensures appropriate access of resources across heterogeneous technology environments. IAM is important for any enterprise, because it is business-aligned. Organizations that can develop IAM capabilities can reduce identity management costs and become significantly more agile to support new business initiatives.

On the ending note, its various features make it top security initiative and its investment has grown from 7% to 10% in 2014, and is still growing.

Thought Of The Day Android Application launch by AITC

Alleviate IT Consultancy, providing IoT solutions, announced launch of their mobile app available for Android. This mobile app offers various motivational thoughts every time user opens the app. These thoughts will help to stay positive always and live better life. This free mobile application is available for entire community users with no age limit. The app demonstrates AITC’s commitment to mobile solutions and capabilities to provide motivational quotes leading to happy life.

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Motivational Mobile App by Alleviate IT Consultancy

Health App for Android users launched by AITC

Alleviate IT Consultancy, country’s leading IoT solutions provider, today announced the launch of their new Android mobile app named AITC’s Health App India. This health app will enable users to keep track of their body parameters such as Body Mass index, pregnancy date for mother’s prediction, rate of alcohol in drinks, blood donation date and more related to health.

AITC Health App


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