Internet of Things & Security Challenges

Internet of Things & Security  Challenges

Starting with, what is Internet of Things (IoT)? I think all of us are aware of this umbrella term. IoT is about connecting billions of devices over the internet and enabling them to share data. The device then no longer just relates to you, but is connected to surrounding devices as well. These devices gather and share large amount of crucial data. It has power to make us more productive at work, and make our life happy.

IoT devices are everywhere and it is not a fad. As per the survey, by 2020 there will be more than 50 billion connected devices. Apart from everyday plans, there are various benefits of IoT in various sectors including health care, businesses and more. As IoT has become a larger part of our life, it is more prone to security risks or hacking. And, this arises the question ‘about IoT security’.

Today every industry is adopting an IoT infrastructure and few of them are giving attention to security as well. And, any gap in security can open doors for prying eyes to misuse sensitive data. The various major security challenges that IoT is facing are poor proprietary software, network connectivity, lack of internal, security control in the system, lack of standardized security protocols and more.

In the nutshell, to tackle with security challenges, it is necessary to stay up to date with evolving security risks. Also, a monitoring strategy can be of great help to keep it all in check.

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