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Challenges of Identity and access management


“Cloud-related technology is real and useful now. Practically every developer I know is either using or looking at cloud infrastructure in either private or public clouds.” -Alex Miller

Cloud Adoption is increasing rapidly and so are the challenges. The increasing demand of Identity and access management might twist security path for various organizations. IAM continues to become more complex as the volume of data is increasing. There are various

challenges being faced by companies are:

1.Sophisticated IT infrastructure:

The complexity of IT has increased and may continue to be more complex. The enterprises are not only becoming software defined, and also there is range of resources and application that corporate access including SaaS and cloud based apps.

2.Need for Identity Proofing:

As more users registers to use online services, need for identity proofing services will surge to significant level and organizations may face authentication challenges.

3.Rapid growth in mobile device usage

Mobile devices with advanced hardware security technologies are becoming widely available. This growth has become crucial part of identity and access management in enterprise adding problems of user authentication.

4.Big data is critical driver

Providing customers easy way to log in using credentials offers better user experience. Additionally, it permits enterprise to have valuable insight in customer’s behavior such as purchase tendencies, social interaction pattern, etc.

5.Compliance Visibility: Who has access to what?

It’s important to understand who has access to which applications and data. And, this concern increase when coming to cloud services.

Is Security and Privacy critical in the Internet of Things?

Is Security and Privacy critical in the Internet of Things?

In this IoT world, the thing that is on stake is ‘our Privacy’. It is pretty much exciting to think that how we can customize the services and products that we want. Apart from this, IoT will modify every aspect of our life, may it be healthcare, manufacturing, government, etc. Now, the question is “How IoT affects our Privacy?” We share a lot of information with other through social media and devices. But there is dark side of sharing this data because this shared information may jeopardize our personal safety.

We can’t deny the fact that this world is moving to ‘internet of connected things’ from ‘internet of connected computers’. We use smart watches, washing machines, fridges, vending machines – all these things collect ocean of information about us. We are surrounded by technologies and smart devices that seem to be the world of robots as picturized in any science fiction movie. All this could turn against us in one single click of button. What we can do to protect our privacy? The options to protect our privacy are very limited. We can use tools such as VPNs, encryption clients, but there is no such thing that can be used as bulletproof privacy shield.

In conclusion, no one tell how much privacy we will get once the IoT is on its hype. So, for the safe side, it’s better to be careful with whom and how you are sharing your information. Marwick, the social media researcher said that, “Neither privacy nor publicity is dead but technology will continue to make a mess of both.