Why startups are focused on the Internet of Things?


As technology is expanding, people want everything to be connected to Internet, may it be our front doors, microwaves, blenders or our tube lights. When everything will be connected to each other or to Internet, the world will entirely change.

According to studies, by 2020, there will be 38.5 billion connected devices. And,According to Gartner,

there will be 25 billion connected devices and IoT vendors will take home more than $309 billion.

All these surveys indicate that IoT will be firmly embedded in our daily lives. IoT offers new opportunities for start-ups all around the world. Anyone with good idea to connect anything like accessories, wearable’s, etc., can bring it to market.

As the IoT evolves in industries, so are the startups focused on it. Reason? The increasing demand of connected devices. Just imagine, our refrigerator orders for milk and vegetables, which are required, of its own. Won’t it make our life very easy? Yes, it will. And, it is IoT. That refrigerator is connected to internet and it will order from grocery website. The startups with such innovative ideas will really succeed.

Why Startups are focused on IoT?

There can be various reasons like they want to go with the tide or want to earn a lot in less time. Whatever the reason be, startups who are focusing on IoT know it well that they can gain huge profit.

In nutshell, the world has got first real glimpse of fully-grown IoT and what it will look like.

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