AITC Blood Relation App and Its Benefits

AITC Blood Relation App and Its Benefits

Blood relation app launched by AITC is new and innovative app which is used to help blood needed person to find blood donor in specific geographic location. Free to download, this app is available for Android operating system and can be downloaded from Google Play store for free. Additionally, this app is of very small size and will not take much space on your phone memory.

User can register as a donor or needy by specifying his/ her blood group. The app is loaded with various features, including:

Search donor in any geographical location : One can search the donor on the basis of selected location and blood group. This app will show the results according to your search along with phone number of donor.

Donate blood :Donors have to register themselves on the app by providing the details of blood group.

Need blood : When blood is required, needy person have to register on app along with the information including, blood group required and time.

Benefits :

This app is develop by keeping in mind the scenario of blood required on urgent basis. Its various benefits are given below:

  1. One can search blood donors easily as per geographical location
  2. Its home screen will show donor and needy list with orange and red pins
  3. The information about donor will be provided along with phone number
  4. Needy can specify the blood group and time when blood is required
  5. One can register as donor or needy
  6. Really helpful when blood is required urgently

On the ending note, this app, with its features, can help to save many lives by providing blood donor information easily and quickly.

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