Alleviate IoT Innovation for next generation

The two newly launched products by Alleviate IT consultancy namely, UBeacon and UWiFi, are taking world by the storm. These two products have their own features and functionalities. The letter “U” in both these products means universal. On the cusp of discussion about these products,

AITC IoT Innovation

what is UBeacon and UWiFi? UBeacon, name for Apple’s technology standard, allows mobile apps to analyze signals from beacons and react accordingly. It also permits mobile apps to understand customer position and on this basis, it sends hyper-contextual content to users.

UBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication technology. BLE is a personal wireless area network technology to transmit data over short distances. As clear from name, it’s designed for low cost and minimal energy consumption, while maintaining a communication range. BLE communication contains small packets of data or “Advertisements” which are broadcast or sent at a regular interval by Beacons.

Now coming to UWiFi, UWiFi is a serial-to-WiFi device server that allows installed serial devices to connect with Internet via their existing serial port. It acts as a security gap between the network and host application. It supports up to 10 simultaneously active TCP/UDP sockets, provides one secure SSL3/TLS1 socket and two listening sockets. Apart from this, UWiFi eliminates the need of any hardware modifications to the host device.

On the ending note, hope to get more these kinds of products from Alleviate IT Consultancy.

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