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This blog describes the implementation of AITC’s IAM extension for thick-client application. Thick-clients are those applications, which are installed on end-user’s system and user login to the application by providing credentials. Most famous application of this sort is Microsoft’s Outlook.

AITC has developed configurable SSO utility in two formats as follows:
- Agent Based Thick-Client SSO
- Chrome Plugin based Thick-Client SSO

Agent Based Thick-Client SSO is installed on end-user’s system. End-user is required to login to validate OpenIAM credentials and configure Thick-Client which are available for enabling thick-client SSO.
- Valid identity credentials in OpenIAM
- Valid credentials for end-point application
- Application should be configured for SSO

How it works:
Basically, agent gets installed in end-user’s system and configured for valid SSO application. User has to provide app credentials for activating SSO.
On system startup, user is asked to login using OpenIAM credentials. On successful login, automatic SSO is enabled on system. As soon as user tries to open SSO enabled application, agent detect the application, fill the credentials as per configuration and submit.

Also, this agent comes with a utility which helps end-user to configure new thick-client which are not configured already. This agent is helpful in-case users are having multiple credentials for one identity for different application and need to access application on frequent basis.

- Application credentials are stored on OpenIAM repository.
- App credentials can be configured as login credentials of OpenIAM or any specific attributes like Outlook would need login name as email-address attribute of the user.
- This is system-tray based agent.
This utility manages application without any interface in OpenIAM and configuration & credentials are not required to configure again in-case change in laptop or system.

Chrome Plugin based Thick-Client SSO is plugin-based thick-client SSO. This type of SSO scheme is used in the environment where end-user is required to login in OpenIAM for accessing thick-client app.
Now days’ enterprises are using web-based & thick-client based applications. So managing SSO for both type of application becomes cumbersome. To address this issues, chrome plugin based Thick-client SSO gives better solution.

- Valid credentials for OpenIAM
- Resource should be assigned to end-user to access the application
- Credentials should be mapped to Identity’s attribute

How it works:
User login in the Selfservice of OpenIAM, navigate to “My Application”. If user has thick app is assigned, application icon becomes visible. On click, application is started on end-user application, user-credentials are filled and submitted for application access.
In this, there is no configuration is required on client application and only chrome extension performs all activities to enable SSO on thick client.

- This is installed on end-user’s system as chrome extension
- JEE application is deployed on server for SSO
- Few registry updates are required.

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Now locate your friends easily with Locate Buddy

Now locate your friends easily with Locate Buddy

You might have across the situation that you call your friend to know his whereabouts and make weekend plans. But he is not attending the phone and you aren’t sure whether he is at home or not, so what to do in this situation? Well, for this situation you can download Locate Buddy app. This user friendly and helpful app locates contacts (including your friend who is not attending phone) saved on your phonebook.

 Locate Buddy, available for free on Google Play Store, is compatible with Android 4.2 and above. Once this app is installed on mobile, user has to register his valid mobile number with this app. After doing this, OTP (One Time Password) is sent to registered phone number to check its availability. Additionally, users can invite his contacts to join this app.

Locate Buddy comes loaded with features such as user can share his location with all or selected buddies, track buddies on maps (only if they have shared location with you), and more. If your buddy’s location is available, it is highlighted with Green pin, whereas if location is not available, it is displayed by Orange pin. Furthermore, it is easy to check buddies locations on map and all that in fraction of seconds.

On the ending note, this intuitive app makes it easy to locate friends and contacts on mobile phone in real time.

AITC Blood Relation App and Its Benefits

AITC Blood Relation App and Its Benefits

Blood relation app launched by AITC is new and innovative app which is used to help blood needed person to find blood donor in specific geographic location. Free to download, this app is available for Android operating system and can be downloaded from Google Play store for free. Additionally, this app is of very small size and will not take much space on your phone memory.

User can register as a donor or needy by specifying his/ her blood group. The app is loaded with various features, including:

Search donor in any geographical location : One can search the donor on the basis of selected location and blood group. This app will show the results according to your search along with phone number of donor.

Donate blood :Donors have to register themselves on the app by providing the details of blood group.

Need blood : When blood is required, needy person have to register on app along with the information including, blood group required and time.

Benefits :

This app is develop by keeping in mind the scenario of blood required on urgent basis. Its various benefits are given below:

  1. One can search blood donors easily as per geographical location
  2. Its home screen will show donor and needy list with orange and red pins
  3. The information about donor will be provided along with phone number
  4. Needy can specify the blood group and time when blood is required
  5. One can register as donor or needy
  6. Really helpful when blood is required urgently

On the ending note, this app, with its features, can help to save many lives by providing blood donor information easily and quickly.

AITC Health App and its benefits

AITC Health App and its benefits

Health app launched by AITC helps to keep track of body’s parameters including rate of alcohol in drinks, Body Mass Index, blood donation date and pregnancy date predictor. The main aim of this app is to stay fit. Because in this hectic life, everyone is busy to succeed. Due to all this, there is negligence in health; but this innovative app can help you to improve your health up to some extent. This app is developed for Android mobile operating system only, and can be downloaded from Google play store.


This app is available for free and is of small size. The various features and options of app are given below:

BMI (Body Mass Index): – This option helps to know whether you are underweight, overweight, or healthy weight.
Alcohol Calculator: – This option will let you know the concentration of alcohol in blood.
Pregnancy date: -  It will provide expected due date of baby.
Child height predictor: -  This feature is used to know expected height of child, based on parent’s heights.
Blood Donation Date:-  It will predict next possible blood donation date depending on last blood donation date.

Additionally, this app has user-friendly and intuitive interface which makes it is easy to use. In nutshell, this amazing app is ‘must-have’ in mobile phones to stay fit and healthy.

Blood Relations App launched by AITC

Alleviate IT consultancy, IoT service provider, announced the release of their Android mobile app named as Blood Relations. The company, which prides itself on providing IoT services to various customers, has now come up with this unique and innovative idea. This app is available for free on Google Play store and is compatible with Android 4.1 and up.

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Blood Relations App launched by AITC

Sometimes there is medical emergency and getting matching blood group can be difficult. Blood Relations app is to minimize this difficulty. One can get donors easily in that particular area“, said Rajesh (J) Kumar, Founder, Chairman & CEO of Alleviate IT Consultancy.

Why Identity Access and Management is required in Information Security

Why Identity Access and Management is required in Information Security?

Nowadays, companies are securing users who are accessing applications from various places through variety of devices, and all this is pressurizing IAM i.e., identity and access management systems. Additionally, consumers expect easy authentication and access to all accounts and information. Moreover, identity infrastructure faces traditional challenge of various links to multiple targets and sources. All this creates an unmanageable “n-squared” problem.

N-squared problem is reason of rapid adoption of federation standards including Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), OpenID connect and OAuth. These technologies include things such as next-generation firewalls, applications monitoring systems and sandboxing systems that permit any malicious code to be executed and all that without harming corporate environment.

One of the other main reasons behind IAM as top security initiative is that it enables right individuals to access right information and resources at right time and reason as well. It ensures appropriate access of resources across heterogeneous technology environments. IAM is important for any enterprise, because it is business-aligned. Organizations that can develop IAM capabilities can reduce identity management costs and become significantly more agile to support new business initiatives.

On the ending note, its various features make it top security initiative and its investment has grown from 7% to 10% in 2014, and is still growing.

Thought Of The Day Android Application launch by AITC

Alleviate IT Consultancy, providing IoT solutions, announced launch of their mobile app available for Android. This mobile app offers various motivational thoughts every time user opens the app. These thoughts will help to stay positive always and live better life. This free mobile application is available for entire community users with no age limit. The app demonstrates AITC’s commitment to mobile solutions and capabilities to provide motivational quotes leading to happy life.

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Motivational Mobile App by Alleviate IT Consultancy

Health App for Android users launched by AITC

Alleviate IT Consultancy, country’s leading IoT solutions provider, today announced the launch of their new Android mobile app named AITC’s Health App India. This health app will enable users to keep track of their body parameters such as Body Mass index, pregnancy date for mother’s prediction, rate of alcohol in drinks, blood donation date and more related to health.

AITC Health App


Internet of Things in Real world

Internet of Things in Real world

The future of Internet of Things is huge, and it can be said without any doubt.

According to survey-  IoT units are expected to reach 28.1 billion by 2020. All this indicates that in near future, world will surround with the best technologies and we call it Internet of Everything (IoE).

IoT adds “the smart” in everything – smart cars, smart cities and smart homes, by enabling these things to share and synchronize in real time.

Below given are some IoT things being used in real world:

1. Smart Themostats

Imagine, you want control temperature of your home from anywhere with simple touch on tablet or smartphone. Well, Net Learning Thermostat is most popular smart thermostat that helps to control temperature from anywhere.

2. Mimo Monitor

Mimo Monitor enables parents to get updates about baby’s body position, body temperature, breathing level, response to health and activities and more.

3. Philips Hue Bulbs

Philips hue bulbs which are linked with your smartphone enable you to control intensity of lights. Instead of using various watt bulbs to suit environment and mode, you can simply change intensity from low to medium.

4. Ralph Lauren Polotech Shirt

This shirt records the biometric readings of Athletes like calories burned, heart rate, breathing depths, activity levels and more, and help them to improve their performance.

5. Smart refrigerator

Smart refrigerators inform you about empty bottles and consumed items in the fridge, and can order those items online as well.

6. Google Glass

The Google glass is designed with optical head display. With voice activation, you can to interact, surf net, see, click pictures and many other things in mobile phone.

On the ending note, IoT has many innovative devices to be introduced yet, which will leave the world thrilled and amazed.

Alleviate IoT Innovation for next generation

The two newly launched products by Alleviate IT consultancy namely, UBeacon and UWiFi, are taking world by the storm. These two products have their own features and functionalities. The letter “U” in both these products means universal. On the cusp of discussion about these products,

AITC IoT Innovation

what is UBeacon and UWiFi? UBeacon, name for Apple’s technology standard, allows mobile apps to analyze signals from beacons and react accordingly. It also permits mobile apps to understand customer position and on this basis, it sends hyper-contextual content to users.

UBeacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication technology. BLE is a personal wireless area network technology to transmit data over short distances. As clear from name, it’s designed for low cost and minimal energy consumption, while maintaining a communication range. BLE communication contains small packets of data or “Advertisements” which are broadcast or sent at a regular interval by Beacons.

Now coming to UWiFi, UWiFi is a serial-to-WiFi device server that allows installed serial devices to connect with Internet via their existing serial port. It acts as a security gap between the network and host application. It supports up to 10 simultaneously active TCP/UDP sockets, provides one secure SSL3/TLS1 socket and two listening sockets. Apart from this, UWiFi eliminates the need of any hardware modifications to the host device.

On the ending note, hope to get more these kinds of products from Alleviate IT Consultancy.