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Identity Management Strategy

We understand that executing an enterprise identity management solution is not an easy task, as organizations need proper planning and strategy. To help overcome these problems, our team of Net IQ experts has combined experiences with best practices to offer comprehensive Net IQ solutions. Planning forms the core of developing and executing identity management as it interconnects business and technology to create an integrated identity management roadmap. The following three stages are part of this roadmap:

  • Assessment: The key objective of assessment is to understand goals and objectives, study the current state infrastructure and analyze identity related processes.
  • Analysis: After the assessment comes the stage of analysis that includes figuring out key technologies, identifying capabilities and prioritizing identity management initiatives.
  • Planning: This is the third phase where high-level and identity architecture structure is documented followed by defining phase implementation roadmap. The third part of this process is to document final recommendations.

Identity Manager Deployment

A strong foundation in Identity management is needed because without it the users are compelled to create too many user ids and passwords. Too many user id and passwords also increase the risk of threat and security. Furthermore, it slows down business processes, increase complexity and create chaos among users and IT staff. Also, it becomes difficult to access technology resources quickly. Net IQ helps address these identity issues through a comprehensive Identity Manager Deployment. This process has been designed to help develop a flexible management foundation and thereby link directory systems and applications.

Secure deployment: Our team of experts in Identity Manager Standard Deployment offers the expert and guidance and methodologies needed to plan, develop and deploy an excellent identity foundation. This comprehensive process concentrates on developing a core enterprise identity architecture that can help and support the inclusion of more advance identity management services. However, one can choose to add to the standard engagement if specific capabilities are needed immediately. The following phases form the core part of NetIQ:

  • Assess: At the onset of the project, our technical specialist or project manager will coordinate with your team to study and analyze requirements and also assess all of the requisite systems and end users. This helps in developing a high-level architecture and deploying a roadmap for identity management foundation.
  • Design: Our team will help your organization create a structured solution architecture based on the roadmap created earlier. This process also includes documenting all the important directory interactions and forming a detailed plan for implementing new identity vault. This new management foundation will include a number of different NetIQ technologies such as Identity Manager, Linux Enterprise Server, NovelliManager for Microsoft Active Directory and eDirectory.
  • Build and Test: After planning and designing stage comes the final stage of installation and configuration of enterprise identity management solution and then putting it through a rigorous test. As part of this process, we will help with the complete setup of the management solution and also make any essential changes that it may need at the last minute.

Privileged User Management Deployment

Most of the enterprises especially industries such as health care and financial services need to provide a high level of security and control to ensure users do not access unauthorized data. NetIQ Privileged User Manager enables companies to designate the commandments that users can implement and the power of giving or withholding super-user activity. Furthermore, all the user activities are stored in a powerful audit reporting tool that allows one to take immediate action if any kind of activity generates suspicion. Our team of NetIQ experts can help you address challenges and management policies through Privileged User Management Deployment Consulting. Our team will work on the following phases:

  • Inception: During the onset of the project, our consulting team will cooperate with the organization to setup a high-level analysis of objectives and aims.
  • Elaborating: The next step is to assess both the technology and business requirements based from the findings of the inception stage to comprehend the scope of Privileged User Manager deployment and accordingly assign the requirements to particular functional areas.
  • Constructing: During this stage, installation and configuration of management solution takes place to carry out a thorough testing and deployment plan. Our consulting team will also help fix any issues or make any changes that may arise at the last minute.

Security Event Management Deployment

Security monitoring is a continuous challenge that requires a seamless mix of knowledge experience and technology. Our Net IQ experts can help organizations build a robust Security Identity and Event Management foundation that minimizes security and business risks by managing critical security devices, activities and computer logs. NetIQ Sentinel Log offers storage and data management along with search and reporting for organizational system logs. Sentinel Log Manager includes:

  • Planning and assessment: The planning stage includes a high-level analysis of the business and security requirements that can be addressed through Log Manager.
  • Implementation of Log Manager: The next step is to implement Sentinel Log Manager for companies that have compliance needs or need to execute log manager immediately.
  • Deployment: The final step is to customize and create custom reports for compliance. The products can be fine tuned at the deployment stage to facilitate integration of procedures and policies.

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