IoT Innovation with Big Data Industries

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IoT Innovation with Big Data  Industries

IoT Innovation with Big Data   Industries

To begin with, read the statements given below which are related to big data and IoT:

  • Every day, about 500 million Tweets are sent, 4 million hours of content  is uploaded on YouTube, 4.3 Billion Facebook messages are posted and 6 million Google searches are performed. [Big Data]
  • It is expected that industry will grow from $10.2 billion to $54.3 billion by 2017. [Big Data]
  • It is estimated that by 2020 there will be more than 50 billion connected devices.

 You might be thinking, what is relationship between IoT and Big Data? Let’s

 Mauritius Privacy Conference
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In 36th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners,

representatives from academia and private sector discuss positive and negative impact of big data and IoT. The purpose was to establish principles on how to reduce the risks related to using data. The conclusion of this conference was captured in two documents namely, the Mauritius Declaration on the Internet of Things and the Mauritius Resolution on Big Data.

Mauritius Resolution on Big Data

  1. Collect and store data that is necessary for lawful purpose
  2. Enable individual to access data maintained by them, and correct and control that information
  3. When collecting data, define the purpose of collection
  4. Carefully control access to sensitive data

Mauritius Declaration on the IoT

  1. Individuals who have connected devices should know what data they collect, for what  purpose and how long it should be retained
  2. Data received from connected devices is “high in quality, quantity and sensitivity”, and should be treated as sensitive and personal data

In the end, these documents indicate the direction where trends are going.

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