Challenges of Identity and access management

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Challenges of Identity and access management


“Cloud-related technology is real and useful now. Practically every developer I know is either using or looking at cloud infrastructure in either private or public clouds.” -Alex Miller

Cloud Adoption is increasing rapidly and so are the challenges. The increasing demand of Identity and access management might twist security path for various organizations. IAM continues to become more complex as the volume of data is increasing. There are various

challenges being faced by companies are:

1.Sophisticated IT infrastructure:

The complexity of IT has increased and may continue to be more complex. The enterprises are not only becoming software defined, and also there is range of resources and application that corporate access including SaaS and cloud based apps.

2.Need for Identity Proofing:

As more users registers to use online services, need for identity proofing services will surge to significant level and organizations may face authentication challenges.

3.Rapid growth in mobile device usage

Mobile devices with advanced hardware security technologies are becoming widely available. This growth has become crucial part of identity and access management in enterprise adding problems of user authentication.

4.Big data is critical driver

Providing customers easy way to log in using credentials offers better user experience. Additionally, it permits enterprise to have valuable insight in customer’s behavior such as purchase tendencies, social interaction pattern, etc.

5.Compliance Visibility: Who has access to what?

It’s important to understand who has access to which applications and data. And, this concern increase when coming to cloud services.

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