What is a Network Operations Center (NOC) & Its Responsibilities

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What is a Network Operations Center (NOC) & Its Responsibilities

Network Operations Center (NOC) & Its Responsibilities

“The presence of a NOC, whose sole purpose is to react to alerts, was a big selling point for us, and it really completed our managed services offering.” Bruce Campbell

Network Operations Center (NOC)

Network Operations Center, pronounced as Knock, is centralized location from where IT technicians can supervise, monitor and maintain a telecommunications network. The team keeps an eye on all monitored endpoints to maintain optimal network operations across various mediums, platforms and communications channels. It is the main point for network troubleshooting, software updating & distribution, performance monitoring and more.

Large network service providers are associated with NOCs, which facilitates a visual representation of networks being monitored. Television broadcast, Telecommunications and computer networks are controlled by network operations centers.

Typical duties of NOC Personnel

NOC technicians and engineers are responsible for monitoring netflow, server and endpoint attached. They also take care of providing timely response to all performance alerts, outages and incidents. They constantly research activities, amek adjustments and can marshal resources. Additional to this, there role include:

1. Application software installations, troubleshooting and updating

2. Backup and storage management

3. Email management services

4. Policy enforcement

5. Network discovery and assessments

6. Antivirus scanning and provide remediation

7. Video and voice traffic management

8. Report of performance and recommendations for improvements

9. Incident Response

10. Communications management

11. Reporting problems

Apart from all these, NOC personnel may perform extra duties as well like providing back end maintenance, problem resolution and support.

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